Cold Brew Experiments

I’ve spent TOO MUCH on coffee this year. Those $3-a-day coffees really add up. Disclaimer: I know almost nothing about coffee, so consider this a ground-up (heh, coffee pun!) learning experience.

Pumpernickel Bagel Panzanella

The black sheep of your baker’s dozen, pumpernickel’s always the last one eaten… or more likely, it goes stale after a week solo in a plastic bag. Learn to love the loneliest bagel with this quick + easy recipe.

Starting a Hydroponic Window Farm

This spring I decided to take on a new hobby. I chose hydroponic gardening because, while it’s easy to start out, there’s so much to learn about, improve upon, tinker with, and optimize. Here’s hoping that hydroponics will keep me busy for years to come!

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